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Table 5 Effect of foliar spray with some calcium sources on iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), and manganese (Mn) contents in leaves of olive Kalmata and Manzanillo cultivars

From: Ameliorative effect of foliar application of calcium on vegetative growth and mineral contents of olive trees Kalmata and Manzanillo cultivars irrigated with saline water

  Fe ppm Zn ppm Mn ppm
  2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018
Control 272.37c 103.53c 23.60c 26.07c 21.17b 10.78b
CaCl2 284.33b 165.00b 24.48b 27.95b 26.97a 15.37a
Chelated Ca 298.67a 194.33a 25.29a 30.52a 26.34a 14.68a
Control 207.21b 120.60c 21.40b 12.60c 30.40b 29.00c
CaCl2 237.73a 138.37b 24.12a 18.19a 34.58a 33.26a
Chelated Ca 265.50a 171.21a 25.33a 15.50b 34.08a 31.48b