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Table 4 Effect of foliar spray with some calcium sources on nitrogen (N), phosphor (P), potassium (K), and calcium (Ca) contents in leaves of olive Kalmata and Manzanillo cultivars

From: Ameliorative effect of foliar application of calcium on vegetative growth and mineral contents of olive trees Kalmata and Manzanillo cultivars irrigated with saline water

  N% P% K% Ca%
  2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018
Control 1.11b 1.31b 0.043c 0.027b 1.05b 1.22c 1.14c 1.26c
CaCl2 1.23b 1.43b 0.063b 0.062a 1.16a 1.50b 1.19b 1.40b
Chelated Ca 1.67a 1.62a 0.072a 0.063a 1.19a 1.87a 1.24a 1.57a
Control 1.39c 1.42b 0.014b 0.018b 0.98b 0.93c 1.08b 1.11c
CaCl2 1.60b 1.77a 0.068a 0.081a 1.15a 1.23a 1.18a 1.48a
Chelated Ca 1.83a 1.63a 0.081a 0.064a 1.17a 1.13b 1.21a 1.31b