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Table 3 Effect of foliar spray with some calcium sources on leaf area, total chlorophyll and C/N ratio of olive Kalmata and Manzanillo cultivars

From: Ameliorative effect of foliar application of calcium on vegetative growth and mineral contents of olive trees Kalmata and Manzanillo cultivars irrigated with saline water

  Leaf area cm2 Total chlorophyll (SPAD units) C/N ratio
  2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018
Control 4.00c 4.10c 72.27c 82.21c 6.15c 6.46c
CaCl2 4.25b 4 .52b 84.3b 91.07b 11.35b 9.92b
Chelated Ca 4.80a 4. 94a 94.27a 97.9a 13.53a 12.41a
Control 4.11b 4.08b 82.44b 87.43b 12.53b 12.00c
CaCl2 4.29ab 4.73a 86.07a 96.17a 14.58a 15.32b
Chelated Ca 4.50a 4.79a 86.10a 96.21a 15.95a 18.07a