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Table 3 Effect of bean seed application with biocide on pre- and post-emergence damping off caused by F. solani, M. phaseolina, and R. solani

From: Production and characterization of xylanase from pomegranate peel by Chaetomium globosum and its application on bean under greenhouse condition

TreatmentsPercentage (%) pre-emergencyPercentage (%) reductionPercentage (%) post-emergencyPercentage (%) reduction
F. solani28.0a33.3a
F. solani + Biocie12.0b57.113.6b59.2
M. phaseolina32.0a41.2a
M. phaseolina + Biocide16.0b50.023.8b42.2
R. solani32.0a35.3a
R. solani + Biocide16.0b50.014.3b59.5
  1. Figures with the same letter are not significantly different (p = 0.05)