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Table 3 Interaction of different cultivars and kinetin treatments affects the chemical analysis of Coleus blunei (mean of two seasons)

From: Phytochemical and molecular analyses of some Coleus cultivars cultivated in Egypt

InteractionCha (mg/g, FW)Chb (mg/g, FW)Carot (mg/g, DW)Carb (mg/g, DW)TP (mg/g, DW)TF (mg/g, DW)TT (mg/g, DW)
C1 + K10.7822.3772.1770.2326.1905.7073.633
C1 + K21.2875.0334.5200.2755.3975.7772.863
C1 + K32.0237.7608.6700.2486.0007.6333.370
C1 + K42.0478.4706.6100.1976.5708.3673.917
C2 + K14.0835.07313.5230.2538.71312.7404.997
C2 + K22.7809.6678.7200.2046.24011.8133.523
C2 + K33.94014.08312.9500.1955.28710.0003.053
C2 + K40.8534.7704.1600.1948.19012.7034.703
C3 + K11.4373.3572.9600.2487.3805.5934.420
C3 + K21.1502.9534.1200.2824.6974.1102.727
C3 + K31.1174.3273.8700.1676.5236.2204.117
C3 + K41.1333.9803.9830.19812.47711.7806.740
C4 + K10.8932.9532.6770.22910.95011.9636.807
C4 + K21.8108.1277.3430.2727.0008.9274.103
C4 + K31.1734.5804.1170.1896.6677.0734.090
C4 + K41.7276.1735.4670.1987.0176.6304.483
C5 + K12.3438.8177.9200.26810.41310.1106.440
C5 + K22.71310.2209.1200.24412.50712.4437.830
C5 + K32.85318.50716.5200.27513.63315.1478.237
C5 + K43.14310.5108.8170.2776.8578.8904.380
LSD =P≤ 0.050.010390.012730.025760.001250.144950.439810.15681
  1. C1 Color Clouds spicy, C2 Beckwhites gem, C3 Solar red, C4 Colorblaze alligtore tears, C5 finger paint, Cha chlorophyll a, Chb chlorophyll b, Carot total carotenoids, Carb total carbohydrates, TP total phenolic content, TF total flavonoid content, TT total tannins content, K1 0 ppm, K2 100 ppm, K3 150 ppm, K4 200 ppm