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Table 2 Effect of compost application (0.0 and 3.0 ton/fed) on growth criteria of flax plant under sandy soil (data are means of two seasons)

From: Zinc-oxide and nano ZnO oxide effects on growth, some biochemical aspects, yield quantity, and quality of flax (Linum uitatissimum L.) in absence and presence of compost under sandy soil

Growth characters Compost rate (ton/fed)
0.0 3.0 LSD at 0.05
Shoot length (cm) 62.13 63.88 NS
Shoot fresh weight (g) 3.99 4.21 NS
Shoot dry weight (g) 0.34 0.47 NS
Root length (cm) 12.79 13.50 NS
Root fresh weight (g) 0.90 0.92 0.01
Root dry weight (g) 0.11 0.12 NS