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Table 3 Alleviation of salinity stress on the micropropagated Paulownia under the effect of proline concentration

From: Salinity tolerance improvement of in vitro propagated Paulownia tomentosa using proline

Character treatmentSurvival %Shootlets number/explantShootlet length (mm)Nodes number/shootletRooting%Roots numberRoot length (mm)
Control100.00 a2.44 a51.67 a46 a100 a7.25 b115 a
0.5 g NaCl + 0.2 g proline100.00 a1.61 b57.92 a41.33 b100 a12 a108.3 a
0.5 g NaCl + 0.4 g proline100.00 a1.50 bc27.00 b12.67 c55.67 b6.98 b90.00 a
1.0 g NaCl + 0.2 g proline100.00 a1.33 bcd27.11 b12.33 cd22.22 b0.67 c11.78 c
1.0 g NaCl + 0.4 g proline89.00 a1.28 bcde20.11 bc12.00 cd66.67 a7.33 b51.67 b
2.0 g NaCl + 0.2 g proline78.00 ab1.17 cde19.11 bc12.00 cd000
2.0 g NaCl + 0.4 g proline61.33 b1.11 de15.00 c9.17 cde000
4.0 g NaCl + 0.2 g proline38.67 c1.00 de15.33 c8.67 de000
4.0 g NaCl + 0.4 g proline22.00 c0.92 e15.33 c6.67 e000