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Table 6 Effect of bio-control agents, aqueous plant extracts, and citric acid as soil treatment and/or foliar spray on quality parameters of potato tubers under storage conditions

From: Field application of bio-control agents and aqueous plant extracts for controlling bacterial soft rot and enhancement yield quality of Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Diamond

TreatmentsSoil treatmentsFoliar spray
Dry matter (%)Reducing sugars (mg/100 g)Total carbohydrates (%)Specific gravity (g/cm3)Starch content (%)Dry matter (%)Reducing sugars (mg/100 g)Total carbohydrates (%)Specific gravity (g/cm3)Starch content (%)
Bacillus subtilis20.8 cd*47.3de43.0d1.07ab49.4a21.8 cd48.1b49.7ab1.06bc42.3d
Bacillus pumilus23.2b46.4e44.0 cd1.08a48.2ab22.8c46.6c43.9c1.08ab50.8a
Trichoderma harzianum23.6b50.3abc36.7ef1.04d43.5 cd20.4de50.7a36.6ef1.08ab47.6Bc
Trichoderma virens20.9 cd49.6bc38.6e1.06bc41.8de20.6de49.5b37.7de1.05 cd45.6 cd
Lemongrass19.7de42.8 fg46.4bc1.07ab48.2ab19.7ef43.7d44.3c1.03de50.8a
Olive cake25.1a44.5f43.3d1.02e49.4a21.7 cd44.5d45.0c1.09a50.0ab
Citric acidNT20.6de40.4e50.7a1.09a51.1a
PDB medium only19.7de51.4ab35.6f1.07ab45.4c19.4ef50.1a36.0ef1.03de48.5abc
NB medium only21.9c48.8 cd48.7ab1.05 cd40.2e24.5b48.9b39.6d1.07abc43.9d
Control18.5e51.5a35.0f1.02e45.9bc18.5f51.5a35.0f1.02e45.9 cd
  1. NT not test
  2. *Means in each column followed by different letter(s) are significantly different according to Duncan’s multiple range test at P ≤ 0.05