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Table 2 The mean and standard deviation (SD) of debris percentage in each third in different groups

From: Cleanliness efficacy and effect on dentin microhardness of a novel plant extract irrigant

VariablesDebris percentage
ApicalMiddleCoronalp value
Group 132.8520.9524.3313.6814.8011.670.020*
Group 210.306.805.835.721.302.010.041*
Group 335.7523.3211.7915.925.298.190.032*
Group 429.2311.249.175.396.052.150.005*
Group 535.0822.3225.7022.5513.775.170.115 ns
pvalue0.192 ns0.128 ns0.024* 
  1. ns non-significant (p > 0.05)
  2. *Significant (p < 0.05)