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Table 1 The mean and standard deviation (SD) of hardness in each third in different groups

From: Cleanliness efficacy and effect on dentin microhardness of a novel plant extract irrigant

ApicalMiddleCoronalp value
Group 160.573.1663.732.8573.1012.740.292 ns
Group 283.905.0179.039.9271.303.020.304 ns
Group 395.607.6165.335.1087.337.150.025*
Group 499.172.3689.236.2282.8712.970.295 ns
Group 561.372.9572.302.1576.773.240.028*
pvalue< 0.001*0.002*0.228 ns 
  1. ns non-significant (p > 0.05)
  2. *Significant (p < 0.05)