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Table 6 Effect of cysteine (0, 20, and 40 mg/l) on seed yield, yield components, and oil content of soybean plant irrigated with saline water (0, 3000, and 6000 mg/l). Results are means of two successive seasons

From: Physiological and biochemical responses of soybean (Glycine max L.) to cysteine application under sea salt stress

TreatmentsPods number/plantPods weight /plant(g)Seeds number/plantSeeds weight/plant (g)Oil %
Salinity (mg/l)Cysteine (mg/l)
0080 bc50.96 b130 c28.64 c14.2 a
20120 a65.48 a210 a39.39 a14.8 a
40110 ab57.65 ab190 ab35.32 b15.6 a
3000070 c48.96 b128 c20.39 d14.0 a
2080 bc50.03 b160 bc31.32 c14.6 a
4080 bc46.49 b130 c29.39 c14.9 a
6000055 c20.32 d77 d8.03 f14.2 a
2075 bc34.11 c130 c16.65 e14.6 a
4060 c28.76 cd115 cd14.61 e14.8 a
  1. Mean values (n = 3) in each column followed by a different letter are significantly different at ≤ 0.05 by Duncan’s multiple range test