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Table 1 Physical properties obtained from blending biodiesel F. oxysporum NRC2017 as compared with standard diesel ASTM, standard biodiesel ASTM, and ASTM D975 (standard biodiesel for B5)

From: Biodiesel production from Egyptian isolate Fusarium oxysporum NRC2017

Physical propertiesTest method ASTMF. oxysporum biodiesel B5Standard diesel ASTMStandard biodiesel ASTMASTM D975 for B5
Fuel compositionMixC10-C21 HCC12-C22 FAMEMix
Density (g/ml at 20 °C)D12980.840.850.87 to 0.900.85
Kin. viscosity at 40 °C, (mm2/s)D4452.551.30 to 4.101.90 to 6.001.90 to 4.10
Cloud point (°C)D25000.00−15.00 to −5.00−3.00 to − 12.00−35.00 to 5.00
Pour point (°C)D97−1.31−20.00 to-6.00− 15.00 to 10.00− 35.00 to-15.00
Iodine value (gI2/100 g)D576892.71--< 25.00--
Acid value (mg/g)D6641.580.030.80 max--
  1. -- not determined