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Table 4 The impact of hysteroscopy and intervention on clinical pregnancy rate in women according to number of previous failed IVF/ICSI trials

From: Role of routine hysteroscopy in previous failed ICSI: a continuous clinical dilemma

 Previous failed IVF/ICSI once (n = 37)Previous failed IVF/ICSI twice (n = 33)Previous failed IVF/ICSI thrice (n = 30)
 Positive clinical pregnancyNNTPositive clinical pregnancyNNTPositive clinical pregnancyNNT
Overall14 (37.8%)2.6413 (39.4%)2.5412 (40%)2.50
Polyp5 (50%)2.05 (55.4%)1.803 (60%)1.67
Intrauterine adhesions0 (0%) 3 (100%)1.00 (0%) 
Submucous myoma0 (0%)2 (100%)1.0
Uterine septum1 (100%)1.00 (0%)
  1. Data presented as number (percentage)
  2. IVF in vitro fertilization, ICSI intracytoplasmic sperm injection, NNT number needed to treat