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Table 3 Effect of different slow-release compound fertilizer types and doses on leaf area, leaf fresh weight, leaf dry weight, specific leaf dry weight and leaf chlorophyll content of Nonpareil almond young trees

From: Evaluation of almond young trees growth and nutritional status under different slow-release compound fertilizer types and doses at Nubaria region

TreatmentsLeaf area (cm2)Leaf fresh weight
Leaf dry weight
Specific leaf dry weight
Leaf chlorophyll
Matador© at 30 kg/Feddan2.71f2.98e2.81f3.72f1.00f1.23f369e413e30.25 g31.28 g
Matador© at 60 kg/Feddan2.74e3.01c3.01e4.18e1.33d1.90d485.3d631.3c40.52d42.64d
Matador© at 120 kg/Feddan3.04d3.31b4.12b6.38b2.30b2.85b756.8a861a44.08b45.75b
Nitrophoska© at 25 kg/Feddan3.05c3.32b3.16d4.47d1.62c2.40c531c723b40.11e42.59e
Nitrophoska© at 50 kg/Feddan3.07b3.34b3.44c4.92c1.20e1.65e391e494.3d42.36c43.02c
Nitrophoska© at 100 kg/Feddan3.35a3.62a4.54a6.66a2.41a3.11a719.3b859a45.33a45.89a
Control2.59 g2.86f2.80f3.68f1.00f1.20f386e419.8e37.27f41.41f
  1. Means in each column with similar letters are not significantly different