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Table 2 Effect of different slow-release compound fertilizer types and doses on stem length, diameter, numbers of branches and leaves/tree of Nonpareil almond young trees

From: Evaluation of almond young trees growth and nutritional status under different slow-release compound fertilizer types and doses at Nubaria region

TreatmentsStem length
Stem diameter
No. of branches/treeNo. of leaves/tree
Matador© at 30 kg/Feddan68.79e70.56f8.50 cd9.00e14.00e16.11f209f212f
Matador© at 60 kg/Feddan80.50d83.06e8.24d10.06d16.00d18.43e212e215e
Matador© at 120 kg/Feddan90.00c92.42d9.10c10.13d21.00c23.05d221d224d
Nitrophoska© at 25 kg/Feddan90.11c96.23c10.00b11.00c24.00b26.18c301c305c
Nitrophoska© at 50 kg/Feddan96.00b98.56b10.11b11.88b37.00a39.00b378b382b
Nitrophoska© at 100 kg/Feddan98.15a100.6a13.05a14.56a38.00a40.22a456a460a
Control57.00f59.56 g8.00d9.00e9.00f10.09 g162 g165 g
  1. Means in each column with similar letters are not significantly different