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Table 3 Bulblet formation of Lilium under effect of sucrose and paclobutrazol at various concentrations during three repeated subcultures

From: In vitro bulb formation of direct and indirect regeneration of Lilium orientalis cv. “Starfighter” plants

TreatmentFirst subcultureSecond subcultureThird subcultureTreatments means (A)
Control (sucrose 30 g/l) (S1)
Sucrose 60 g/l (S2)1.502.503.162.42b
Sucrose 90 g/l (S3)1.833.423.783.01a
Sucrose 120 g/l (S4)1.223.334.442.99a
S1+ paclobutrazol 3 mg/l1.613.063.332.67a,b
S2+ paclobutrazol 3 mg/l1.393.313.892.86a
S3+ paclobutrazol 3 mg/l1.221.442.891.85c
S4+ paclobutrazol 3 mg/l1.111.372.111.53c,d
S1+ paclobutrazol 6 mg/l1.783.113.222.70a,b
S2+ paclobutrazol 6 mg/l1.892.564.082.84a
S3+ paclobutrazol 6 mg/l1.111.171.331.20d
S4+ paclobutrazol 6 mg/l0.781.251.781.27d
Means of subculture (B)1.39c2.36b2.99a 
LSD at 0.05Treatment (A) = 0.33, subculture (B) = 0.16, A × B = 0.57
  1. a-d within a column having the same letters are not significantly different at 5% level