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Table 2 Effect of BA and TDZ combined with NAA at different concentrations on in vitro shoot proliferation of Lilium

From: In vitro bulb formation of direct and indirect regeneration of Lilium orientalis cv. “Starfighter” plants

Treatment (mg/l)Number of shoots/explantsNumber of leaves/shootsNumber of scales/explants
Control (MS free hormones)1.22d2.59c2.44e
BA 0.5 + NAA 0.11.20d2.36c,d2.83c,d
BA 1.0 + NAA 0.28.25a5.44a8.88a
BA 2.0 + NAA 0.31.22d2.24c,d2.25e
TDZ 0.5 + NAA 0.11.63c2.30c,d2.50d,e
TDZ 1.0 + NAA 0.26.00b4.91b5.99b
TDZ 2.0 + NAA 0.31.67c2.14d3.09c
LSD at 0.050.400.390.37
  1. a-e within a column having the same letters are not significantly different at 5% level