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Table 1 Effect of different concentrations of plant growth regulators on regenerative capacity of oriental lily leaf explant

From: In vitro bulb formation of direct and indirect regeneration of Lilium orientalis cv. “Starfighter” plants

Treatment (mg/l)Mean number of regenerated shootsMean of callus frequency (%)Morphogenesis
Control (0.0 hormones)00
TDZ (0.5 mg/l)050.2White friable calli
TDZ (0.5 mg/l) + 2,4-D (5 mg/l)2.861.4White friable calli + regenerated shoots
TDZ (0.5 mg/l) + 2,4-D (10 mg/l)5.70Direct regenerated shoots
2ip (0.5 mg/l) + picloram (5 mg/l)2.173Yellowish friable calli + regenerated shoots
2ip (0.5 mg/l) + picloram (10 mg/l)00
  1. Data were based on three replicate jars with three leaf sections/jar