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Table 9 Economic evaluation of experimental groups

From: Nutritional and chemical evaluation of dried pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) peels and studying the impact of level of inclusion in ration formulation on productive performance of growing Ossimi lambs

ItemComplete feed mixture (CFM)
CFM1 (0% DPP)CFM2 (0.5% DPP)CFM3 (1% DPP)CFM4 (2% DPP)
Daily feed intake (fresh, kg)1.3161.3011.2741.230
Price of 1 kg of CFM3.4593.4583.4573.454
Daily feeding cost (LE)a4.554.504.404.25
Average daily gain (kg)0.1980.2180.2330.204
Value of daily gain (LE)b11.8813.0813.9812.24
Daily profit above feeding cost (LE)7.338.589.587.99
Relative economical efficiencyc100117.1130.7109.0
Feed cost (LE)/kg gain22.9820.6418.8820.83
  1. LE = Egyptian pound equals 0.11 USS approximately
  2. aBased on prices of year 2019
  3. bValue of 1-kg live body weight equals 60 LE (2019)
  4. cAssuming that the relative economic efficiency of control diet equals 100