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Table 7 Composition and chemical analysis of complete feed mixture

From: Nutritional and chemical evaluation of dried pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) peels and studying the impact of level of inclusion in ration formulation on productive performance of growing Ossimi lambs

ItemComplete feed mixture (CFM)Price, L.E/ton of ingredients
CFM1 (0%DPP)CFM2 (0.5%DPP)CFM3 (1%DPP)CFM4 (2%DPP)
1. Composition (kg/ton)
 Yellow corn3503453403303250
 Dried pomegranate peel510203000
 Berseem hay2502502502502500
 Wheat bran2002002002002750
 Soybean meal1701701701706.250
 Sodium chloride10101010750
 Vit. and Min. mixturea555515,000
 Price, LE/ton of ingredients3459345834573454 
2. Chemical analysis (%)
Chemical analysis on DM basis
 Organic matter (OM)91.8691.8591.8691.84 
 Crude protein (CP)17.1217.1017.1017.07 
 Crude fiber (CF)10.9010.9310.9611.01 
 Ether extract (EE)2.762.762.752.76 
 Nitrogen free extract (NFE)61.0861.0661.0561.00 
 Gross energy (kcal/kg DM)4214421342134212 
  1. DPP dried pomegranate peel
  2. aEach 3-kg vitamin and mineral mixture contains the following: vitamin A 12,000,000 IU, vitamin D3 2,200,000 IU, vitamin E 10,000 mg, vitamin K3 2000 mg, vitamin B1 1000 mg, vitamin B2 5000 mg, vitamin B6 1500 mg, vitamin B12 10 mg, pantothenic acid 10 mg, niacin 30,000 mg, folic acid 1000 mg, biotin 50 mg, choline 300,000 mg, manganese 60,000 mg, zinc 50,000 mg, copper 10,000 mg, iron 30,000 mg, iodine 100 mg, selenium 100 mg, cobalt 100 mg, CaCo3 to 3000 g