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Table 1 Chemical analysis of yellow corn and dried pomegranate peel

From: Nutritional and chemical evaluation of dried pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) peels and studying the impact of level of inclusion in ration formulation on productive performance of growing Ossimi lambs

ItemYellow cornDried pomegranate peel (DPP)
Chemical analysis (%) on DM basis
 Organic matter (OM)97.4396.57
 Crude protein (CP)8.856.52
 Crude fiber (CF)4.8010.50
 Ether extract (EE)3.303.46
 Nitrogen free extract (NFE)80.4876.09
Cell wall constituents
 Neutral detergent fiber (NDF)37.1429.36
 Acid detergent fiber (ADF)23.6519.22
 Acid detergent lignin (ADL)2.183.90
 Gross energy (kcal/kg DM)43494287
  1. aHemicellulose = NDF – ADF. bCellulose = ADF – ADL
  2. Gross energy (kcal/kg DM) was calculated according to Blaxter (1968). Each g CP = 5.65 kcal, g EE = 9.40 kcal, and g (CF & NFE) = 4.15 kcal