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Table 2 Effect of Ag-BSEPS on some of fibrotic markers, and TBARS in control and experimental rats

From: Effect of nanopolysaccharide (BSEPS) from Bacillus subtilis sp. on thioacetamide-induced liver fibrosis in rats

GroupsTGF-β (ng/gm)PCIII (pg/gm)TBARS (nmol/ml)
 Control (GI)1.77 ± 0.02b68.75 ± 7.81b31.65 ± 1.93b
 TAA (GII)8.40 ± 0.53a189.23 ± 11.23a69.72 ± 3.23a
 Ag-BSEPS (GIII)1.63 ± 0.02b66.25 ± 4.78b34.01 ± 2.88b
 TAA + Ag-BSEPS (GIV)2.22 ± 0.03b74.75 ± 8.79b38.51 ± 2.55b
  1. Values are expressed as mean ± SE. Different superscript letters in the same row indicate significant differences at p < 0.05.