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Table 1 Effect of Ag-BSEPS on body and liver weight before and after treatment

From: Effect of nanopolysaccharide (BSEPS) from Bacillus subtilis sp. on thioacetamide-induced liver fibrosis in rats

GroupsFinal body weight (g)Liver weight (g)Liver weight / Body weight (g)
 Control (GI)304.60 ± 13.44a5.44 ± 0.56b0.016 ± 0.05b
 Ag-BSEPS (GII)294.96 ± 10.56b5.50 ± 0.68a0.06 ± 1.23a
 TAA (GIII)135.34 ± 11.22a8.31 ± 0.46b0.02 ± 0.72b
 TAA + Ag-BSEPS (GIV)280.20 ± 8.98a6.08 ± 0.52b0.02 ± 0.84b
  1. Values are expressed as mean ± SE. Different superscript letters in the same row indicate significant differences at p < 0.05.