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Table 5 Water consumption and metabolism by the experimental groups

From: Mango (Mangifera indica) seed kernels as untraditional source of energy in Rahmani sheep rations

ItemMango seed kernel (MSK) 
Animal No.444---
Live body weight (LBW), kg57.8359.3358.001.22
Metabolic body weight (kgW0.75)20.9721.3821.020.33
Dry matter intake (DMI), g18191790178412.97
Water consumption, ml
Drinking water374244924000381
Feeds water1811771741.60
Water intake as    
 L/100 kg LBW6.7847.8707.1970.38
 L/kg DM intake2.1572.6082.3400.13
Water metabolism, ml
Urinary losses, ml16851308753202
Feces water, ml1129a757b748b72.79
Total water losses, ml2814a2065ab1501b247
Insensible losses, ml1109b2604a2673a294
  1. a and b means in the same row having different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05); SEM, standard error of the mean