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Table 4 Feed intake by the experimental groups

From: Mango (Mangifera indica) seed kernels as untraditional source of energy in Rahmani sheep rations

ItemMango seed kernel (MSK) 
Animal No.444---
Live body weight (LBW), kg57.8359.3358.001.22
Metabolic body weight (kgW0.75)20.9721.3821.020.33
Feed intake
CFM, g9109059072.16
PVH, g90988587712.90
DM intake as    
 kg/100 kg LBW3.1453.0173.0760.05
TDN intake as    
 kg/100 kg LBW2.1042.2402.2900.05
CP intake as    
 g/100 kg LBW4574384477.82
DCP intake as    
 g/100 kg LBW3233393345.84
GE intake as    
 Mcal/100 kg LBW13.08512.59912.8970.22
DE intake as    
 Mcal/100 kg LBW9.9459.5759.8020.17
  1. a and b, means in the same row having different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05); SEM, standard error of the mean; CFM, concentrate feed mixture; PVH, peanut vein hay; DM, dry matter; TDN, total digestible nutrients; CP, crude protein; DCP, digestible crude protein; GE, gross energy; DE, digestible energy