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Table 7 Biological value, biological value, the tru-digestibility, and net protein utilization of commercial Cobb broiler meat-fed different levels of prickly pear peel powder

From: Productive performance and meat quality of commercial Cobb chicken fed diets containing different levels of prickly pear fruits (Opuntia ficus indica) peel

ItemControl caseinLevels of prickly pear peel+ SE
R1 (0%)R2 (5%)R3 (10%)R4(15%)
Biological value (BV)88.04c83.15d89.57c93.07b99.41a3.14*
Tru digestibility (TD)96.7096.8797.8998.8599.232.56 NS
Net protein utilization (NPU)84.88c83.28c85.80c95.36b98.76a2.84*
  1. + a, b, c, dMeans with different superscripts on the same row are different at (P < 0.05), NS non-significant)