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Table 6 Effect of the experimental diets on sensory evaluation parameters of commercial Cobb broilers

From: Productive performance and meat quality of commercial Cobb chicken fed diets containing different levels of prickly pear fruits (Opuntia ficus indica) peel

ItemExperimental diets+ SE
Taste7.35 c8.25 b8.80 b9.95a0.65*
Odor7.65 b8.30 a8.80 a8.95 a0.16*
Colour7.60 c8.20 b8.60 b9.80 a0.28*
Overall acceptability (palatability)7.70 c8.25 b8.68 b9.41a0.34*
  1. Point hedonic scale (1 = dislike extremely; 5 = neither like nor dislike; 9 = like extremely) According to Lopez-Ferrer et al. (1999)
  2. +, a, b, c, dMeans with different superscripts on the same row are different at (P < 0.05)