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Table 5 Effect of the experimental diets on some blood serum parameters of commercial Cobb broilers

From: Productive performance and meat quality of commercial Cobb chicken fed diets containing different levels of prickly pear fruits (Opuntia ficus indica) peel

ItemLevels of cactus fruit peel in diets+SE
R1 (CR)R2R3R4
AST, IU/dI37.8038.2237.3538.212.17 NS
ALT, IU/dI26.1725.3224.4325.311.97 NS
T. Protein, g/dI3.44 c3.60 c3.53 b3.58a0.27*
Albumin, g/dI2.432.522.102.532.45 NS
Globulin, g/dI1.01b1.08b1.73a1.05a1.48*
Glucose, mg/dI168.45 d178.32c189.20b194.08a1.39*
Triglycerides, mg/dI1.02 a0.98b0.96b0.76c0.17*
Cholesterol, mg/dI40.10a34.92b31.40c26.45d2.36*
  1. + a, b, c, dMeans with different superscripts on the same row are different at (P < 0.05), NS non significant
  2. *indicate present significance diffference