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Table 2 Calculated nutrients composition and metabolic energy (ME*) of the main ingredients and the experimental rations

From: Productive performance and meat quality of commercial Cobb chicken fed diets containing different levels of prickly pear fruits (Opuntia ficus indica) peel

ItemYellow corn grainsPrickly pear peels
Organic matter88.5787.64
Crude protein7.859.60
Free fatty acids, %0.63
Neutral detergent fiber (NDF), %9.0360.12
Acid detergent fiber (ADF), %2.2135.50
*ME kcal/kg33502850
Total phenols (gallic acid equivalent), mg/100 g8304
Flavonoids (quercetin equivalent), mg/100 g1044
β-mannanase, μmol/g1.20
Phytase, μmol/min0.80
Glucose, %4.40
Sucrose, %1.88
Fructose, %3.88
  1. *ME, calculated according to MAAF (1975) using equations being DE (MJ/kg DM) = digestible organic matter (DOM × 19) and ME (MJ/kg DM) = DE−0.82