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Table 6 ANOVA results of biological treatments, roughage sources, and replacement levels on growth performance of the experimental groups

From: Nutritional impact of partial or complete replacement of clover hay by untreated or biologically treated rice straw and corn stalks on: 1. growth performance and economic evaluation of growing New Zealand (NZW) White rabbits

ItemMain effects ofInteractions
Treatments (T)Sources (S)Levels (L)(T × S)(T × L)(S × L)(T × S × L)
Initial weight (IW), gNSNSNSNSNSNSNS
Final weight (FW), g*NS*NS*NSNS
Total body weight gain (TBWG), g*****NS*
Average daily gain (ADG), g*****NS*
Dry matter intake (DMI), gNSNSNSNSNSNSNS
Feed conversion expressed as (g DM intake/g gain)***NSNSNSNS
  1. *Significant (P < 05). NS not significant