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Table 5 Effect of interactions between biological treatments, roughage source and replacement levels (T × S × L) on nutrient growth performance of the experimental groups

From: Nutritional impact of partial or complete replacement of clover hay by untreated or biologically treated rice straw and corn stalks on: 1. growth performance and economic evaluation of growing New Zealand (NZW) White rabbits

ItemClover hay (CH) ControlRice straw (RS)Corn stalks (CS) 
Pleurotus ostreatusPleurotus ostreatusTrichoderma reeseiTrichoderma reesei
Initial weight (IW), g566ef564bcd577de567ef553ab570bc583ef568cde581ef570ef576a554abc514ef13.57
Final weight (FW),g208622892151195024462335208722072055190025152344208021.82
Total body weight gain (TBWG), g1528g1725d1574f1383i1893b1765c1504g1639e1474h1330j1939a1790c1566g17.55
Duration period   91 days
Average daily gain (ADG), g16.70g18.96d17.30f15.20i20.80b19.40c16.53gh18.01e16.20h14.62j21.31a19.67c17.21g0.19
Dry matter intake (DMI), g88.8382.3489.2589.6683.8787.9385.1092.6093.0489.3194.0089.8695.541.38
Feed conversion expressed as (g DM intake / g gain)5.32ab4.34bc5.16ab5.90a4.05c4.59bc5.14ab5.08abc5.80a6.08a4.43bc4.62bc5.72a0.09
  1. a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, and j: means in the same row having different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05). SEM standard error of the mean