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Table 4 Main effect of biological treatments, roughage sources and replacement levels on growth performance of the experimental groups

From: Nutritional impact of partial or complete replacement of clover hay by untreated or biologically treated rice straw and corn stalks on: 1. growth performance and economic evaluation of growing New Zealand (NZW) White rabbits

ItemBiological treatmentsRoughage sourcesReplacement levels
Without fungiWith fungiSEMRice straw (RS)Corn stalks (CS)SEM0%33%66%100%SEM
Initial weight (IW), g57056013.5756856213.5756656557055913.57
Final weight (FW), g2089b2246a21.822179215721.822082c2364a2221b2004c21.82
Total body weight gain (TBWG), g1519b1686a17.55611a1595b17.551516c1799a1651b1445d17.55
Duration period91 days
Average daily gain (ADG), g16.69b18.53a0.1917.70a17.53b0.1916.66c19.77a18.14b15.88d0.19
Dry matter intake (DMI), g89.6289.261.3887.2091.681.3888.6989.1790.0289.901.38
Feed conversion expressed as (g DM intake/g gain)5.40a4.89b0.094.98b5.30a0.095.23b4.53c5.04b5.71a0.09
  1. a, b, c, and d: means within each treatment having different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05). SEM standard error of the mean