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Table 5 Effect of strand thinning treatments on total acidity%, tannins (μg/g), fibers % and moisture % of Khadrawi date palm fruit at rutab stage during 2015 & 2016 seasons

From: Strand thinning of Khadrawi date palm cultivar in relation to yield and fruit quality

Treatments2015 season
Total acidity%Tannins(μg/g)Fibers%Moisture%
Without thinning (Control)0.061 a0.028 a1.68 a50.59 a
Strand thinning 15%0.061 a0.022 a1.79 a47.12 a
Strand thinning 30%0.072 a0.019 a1.79 a46.81 a
Treatments2016 season
Without thinning (Control)0.071 a0.029 a1.53 a46.15 a
Strand thinning 15%0.074 a0.019 a1.41 b46.23 a
Strand thinning 30%0.055 a0. 018 a1.32 b42.57 b
  1. Means in each column with similar letter(s) are not significantly different at 5% level