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Table 1 Effect of strand thinning treatments on average bunch weight (kg) and yield/palm (kg) of Khadrawi date palm cultivar at rutab stage during 2015 and 2016 seasons

From: Strand thinning of Khadrawi date palm cultivar in relation to yield and fruit quality

TreatmentsBunch weight (kg)Yield/palm (kg)
2015 season2016 season2015 season2016 season
Without thinning (control)15.92 a17.43 a111.44 a122.01 a
Strand thinning 15%14.85 b16.63 a103.95 b116.41 a
Strand thinning 30%13.90 c15.27 b97.30 c106.89 b
  1. Means in each column with similar letter(s) are not significantly different at 5% level