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Table 2 Different treatments following in experiment

From: Post-harvest assessment of fruit quality and shelf life of two elite tomato varieties cultivated in Bangladesh

T1Control (room temperature)
T210 °C (tomato stored at 10 °C temperature)
T315 °C (tomato stored at 15 °C temperature)
T4Hot water treatment (tomatoes treated with hot water at 55 ± 1 °C for 4 min and kept in ambient condition)
T5Earthen cooling pot (tomatoes kept in an earthen cooling pot)
T6Plastic film (tomatoes wrapped with food-grade ultra-thin plastic film)
T7Unperforated LDPE bags (tomatoes sealed in unperforated LDPE bag)
T8Perforated LDPE bags (tomatoes sealed in perforated LDPE bag)