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Table 6 Plant growth, yield, and number of nodules of three cultivars of cowpea as affected by root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita infection

From: Differential responses of certain field pea and cowpea cultivars to root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita for commercial release

Plant growth and yield criteriaCowpea cultivars
Kafr El-SheikhDokki331
Length (cm)43.0 a39.3 b9.056.7 a48.3 b14.875.3 a48.7 b35.3
Fresh shoot weight (g)82.9 a65.2 b21.4111.9 a80.7 b27.9104.1 a85.6 b17.8
Dry shoot weight (g)31.6 a19.9 b37.026.9 a22.5 b16.425.6 a21.2 b17.2
Fresh root weight (g)15.5 a14.7 a5.213.1 b18.6 a-17.5 b19.1 a-
Dry root weight (g)4.6 a3.7 b35.03.8 a3.3 a13.25.0 a3.4 a32.0
No. of pods8.0 a7.0 a13.07.0 a5.0 a28.68.0 a6.0 a25.0
Weight of pods (g)10.9 a10.3 a6.08.4 a6.3 b25.010.6 a8.1 b23.6
Weight of 100 seeds (g)16.6 a13.8 b16.914.7 a13.7 a7.017.0 a14.4 b15.3
Average total percent Red. of plant growth and yield %--17.9--16.6--20.7
No. of nodules and %Red.47.0 a18.0 b61.741.0 b60.0 a-47.0 a45.0a4.3
  1. Values are averages of 5 replicates
  2. Values with the same letter for comparison between healthy and infected plants for each criterion are not significantly different according to T test at P ≤ 0.05. Red.= reduction