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Table 2 Plant growth of different cultivars of field pea in response to root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita infection

From: Differential responses of certain field pea and cowpea cultivars to root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita for commercial release

Pea cultivarsPlant growth criteriaAverage total %Red. of plant growth criteria
Shoot length (cm)Fresh shoot weight (g)Dry shoot weight (g)Fresh root weight (g)
Cerdon42.7 a41.3 a (3.3%)9.7 a8.3 b (14.4%)1.9 a1.8 a (2.5%)2.7 a2.3 a (14.8%)9.4
Concessa44.4 a35.7 b (20.0%)5.3 a4.7 a (11.3%)1.7 a1.1 b (35.3%)1.8 a1.7 a (6.0%)18.2
Diacole40.3 a31.5 b (22.0%)7.7 a7.1 a (8.0%)2.4 a2.2 a (9.1%)2.4 a1.9 b (21.0%)15.0
Samantha44.7 a40.4 a (10.0%)9.3 a6.6 b (29.0%)1.7 a1.3 a (23.5%)2.6 a1.7 b (34.6%)24.3
33748.3 a42.3 b (12.4%)6.9 a5.4 a (22.0)1.6 a1.2 a (25.0%)2.9 a1.7 b (41.4%)25.2
  1. Values are means of 5 replicates
  2. Values with same letter for comparison between healthy and infected plants for each criterion at the same row are not significantly different according to T test at P ≤ 0.05. Red.=Reduction
  3. Values between parentheses indicate the percentages reduction of plant growth criteria