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Table 4 Effect of GA3 and melatonin on main head quality of two artichoke cultivars during the two growing seasons of 2017/2018 and 2018/2019

From: Response of two seed-grown artichoke cultivars to GA3 and melatonin treatments

TreatmentsWeight (g)Length (mm)Diameter (mm)Edible part (g)
First season (2017/2018)
  Imperial Star (IS)301.0 a102.8 a99.2 a59.5 a
  Romanesco (R)264.6 b95.7 b86.7 b50.5 b
 Foliar application
  Melatonin283.6 b99.3 a93.3 a54.9ab
  GA3285.4 a100.2 a93.9 a56.4 a
  Control279.4 c95.5 b91.8 b53.8 b
  ISMelatonin301.4 a102.7ab99.8 a59.3 a
GA3302.5 a104.2 a100.4 a60.9 a
Control299.1 a101.5 b97.5 b58.2 a
  RMelatonin265.7 b95.9 c86.7 c50.4 a
GA3268.3 b96.2 c87.3 c51.8 a
Control259.7 c95.1 c86.0 c49.3 a
Second season (2018/2019)
  Imperial Star (IS)296.7 a100.8 a100.0 a60.0 a
  Romanesco (R)268.2 b95.6 b87.0 b51.9 b
 Foliar application
  Melatonin283.6 a98.5 a93.7 a56.2 a
  GA3283.9 a98.7 a94.0 a56.3 a
  Control279.9 b97.5 a92.9 b55.3 a
  ISMelatonin297.1 a100.9 a100.2 a60.2 a
GA3297.8 a101.4 a100.8 a60.3 a
Control295.3 a100.1 a99.1 a59.5 a
  RMelatonin270.1 b96.0 b87.2 b52.2 a
GA3269.9 b95.9 b87.1 b52.2 a
Control264.5 c94.8 b86.7 b51.1 a
  1. Means within each column within main effects and interactions followed by the same letter are not significantly different at P < 5%