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Table 2 Effect of GA3 and melatonin on vegetative growth of two artichoke cultivars 110 DAT during the two growing seasons of 2017/2018 and 2018/2019

From: Response of two seed-grown artichoke cultivars to GA3 and melatonin treatments

TreatmentsPlant height, cmLeaf No./plantLeaf area, cm2Leaf fresh W, gLeaf dry W, gChlorophyll SPAD
First season (2017/2018)
  Imperial Star (IS)126.4 a21.7 a506 a109.0 a16.7 a50.7 a
  Romanesco (R)113.8 b21.2 b485 b100.3 b15.6 b49.1 a
 Foliar application
  Melatonin119.5 b21.4 a495ab105.5 a16.1ab50.3 a
  GA3123.5 a22.0 a504 a107.5 a16.7 a50.6 a
  Control116.8 c21.1 a488 b101.1 b15.7 b48.9 b
  ISMelatonin126.3 a21.7 a504 a109.7 a16.4 a51.1 a
GA3129.7 a22.0 a513 a112.8 a17.5 a51.4 a
Control123.3 a21.3 a501 a104.5 b16.1 a49.7 b
  RMelatonin112.7 a21.0 a486 a101.3bc15.8 a49.5 b
GA3117.3 a21.9 a495 a102.1bc15.9 a49.8 b
Control110.2 a20.8 a474 a97.6 c15.2 a48.1 c
Second season (2018/2019)
  Imperial Star (IS)120.0 a21.0 a519 a111.7 a17.9 a49.2 a
  Romanesco (R)105.6 b18.7 b493 b103.3 b17.2 a46.5 b
 Foliar application
  Melatonin112.3 b20.0 a507ab108.7 a17.7 a48.0 a
  GA3115.8 a20.6 a519 a109.3 a17.9 a48.8 a
  Control110.4 c19.0 b493 b104.6 b17.0 a46.8 b
  ISMelatonin119.7 a21.5 a518ab113.3 a18.1 a49.5 a
GA3122.5 a21.4 a526 a113.4 a18.2 a50.3 a
Control117.9 a20.1 a512 b108.5 a17.3 a47.8 a
  RMelatonin104.9bc18.5 a495 c104.0 a17.3 a46.5 a
GA3109.1 b19.8 a502bc105.2 a17.5 a47.3 a
Control102.8 c17.9 a481 d100.6 a16.6 a45.7 a
  1. Means within each column within main effects and interactions followed by the same letter are not significantly different at P < 5%