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Table 2 Serum oxidative stress markers of WAD goats at different physiological stages

From: Metabolic and oxidative status of West African dwarf does at different reproductive stages in southwest Nigeria

 Dry does, n = 35First trimester, n = 30Second trimester, n = 33Third trimester, n = 31Lactating does, n = 40SEMP value
Total antioxidant activity (mmol/L)10.34ab9.61b14.77a2.71c1.67c1.980.03
Lipid peroxidation (× 10−3 MDA/mg protein)0.13b0.04c0.11b0.32a0.44a0.000.00
Glutathione peroxidase (μg GSH/min/mg protein)10.40a13.10a4.48b4.67b1.70c0.810.00
Catalase (nm H2O2/min/mg protein)33.58a42.27a14.63b15.27b5.56c2.620.00
Superoxide dismutase (U/min/mg protein)0.02b0.28a0.02b0.01b0.01b0.060.02
  1. Different superscript letters denote statistically significant differences at P ≤ 0.05. SEM standard error mean