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Table 2 Total antioxidant capacity and free radical scavenging activity in M. oleifera leaves extracts before and after incorporating of Ag-NPs

From: Evaluation of the biological activity of Moringa oleifera leaves extract after incorporating silver nanoparticles, in vitro study

M. oleifera leaves extractTotal antioxidant capacity
(mg gallic acid/gm)
Total polyphenols
(mg gallic acid/100 g)
Reducing power
ABTS (mg/gm)Antioxidant activity (%)IC50 (μg/mL)
Before0.13 ± 0.0030.72 ± 0.0560.34 ± 0.0355.2557.850.58
After0.60 ± 0.04*0.92 ± 0.038*5.06 ± 0.82*82.27*79*18.15*
  1. *The most effective extract, values expressed as mean ± SE of four replicates