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Table 3 Effect of Chlorella vulgaris supplementation on serum oxidative stress status of the rabbits

From: Dietary supplementation effects of Chlorella vulgaris on performances, oxidative stress status and antioxidant enzymes activities of prepubertal New Zealand White rabbits

ParametersControlT1T2T3T4SEMp value
Malondialdehyde (nmol/mL)27.95a7.39b6.96b9.78b6.02b2.030.001
Total antioxidant (μmol/mL)12.04a24.75b26.64bc24.78b36.38c2.240.003
Catalase activity (U/mL)11.05a32.45b27.01b25.39b48.50c3.380.001
Superoxide dismutase (U/mL)33.66a84.21bc77.28b88.63bc98.31c5.480.001
Reduced glutathione (μmol/mL)21.06a39.82b30.74b36.48b36.04b2.040.010
  1. Means with different superscript letters along the rows are significantly different (p < 0.05) for each of the parameters measured. Control—no supplementation, T1—group supplemented with 200 mg Chlorella vulgaris biomass, T2—group supplemented with 300 mg Chlorella vulgaris biomass, T3—group supplemented with 400 mg Chlorella vulgaris biomass, and T4—group supplemented with 500 mg Chlorella vulgaris biomass