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Table 1 Genotype cod, English Name, Sc. name, and country of origin of 21 genotypes of Cucurbita pepo L. and one Cucurbita moschata L.

From: Using high frequency oligonucleotides-targeting active gene (HFO-TAG) markers for genetic evaluation among genotypes (Cucurbita pepo L. and C. maxima L.)

Genotype codEnglish nameSc. nameOriginPlace of Coll.
1063PumpkinCucurbita maxima L.UnknownHail
972PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.UnknownBuraidah
26PumpkinCucurbita pepo LUnknownUnaizah
668Pumpkin sweetCucurbita pepo L.E. ProvinceAl-Qateef
549PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.NorthHail
379PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.NorthRafha
24PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.UnknownAl-Zulfi
208PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.UnknownRiyadh
207PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.UnknownRiyadh
235PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.Al-JaufAl-Jauf
481PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.Al-QaseemBuraidah
206PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.UnknownRiyadh
27PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.UnknownAl-Zulfi
97PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.UnknownAl-Qateef
310PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.E. ProvinceAl-Ahsa
710PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.Al-BahaAl-Muqwa Al-Ahsaba
870PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.E. ProvinceAl-Qateef
220PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.Al-JaufAl-Jauf
187PumpkinCucurbita pepo LUnknownAl-Kharj
709PumpkinCucurbita pepo LAl-BahaJabalShada
578PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.TabukTaima
580PumpkinCucurbita pepo L.UnknownTaima