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Table 5 Economic efficiency indicators for raising and distribution of groundwater for field sample crops for tomatoes and wheat during season 2017/2018

From: Economic efficiency and productivity of lifting and distribution methods of groundwater for wheat and tomato in New Valley governorate

Flooding irrigationSpray irrigationFlooding irrigationSpray irrigation
Average productivity 14.4919.8013.2016.78
Average farm pricePounds1319.001391.00419.40419.60
Total returnPounds19106.0027546.005535.007040.00
Net yield in pound sterling*Diesel7995.0014523.002250.003834.00
Net return on the pound**Diesel0.721.120.691.20
Net return on 1000 m3 irrigation water in pounds***Diesel1456.003417.00639.201843.00
  1. Source: collected and calculated from the questionnaire data for the agricultural season 2017/2018
  2. *Net yield in pounds = total return − total costs
  3. **Net return on the pound = net return total costs × 100
  4. ***Water net = net yield water quantity per thousand m3