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Table 2 Total number of amplicons, monomorphic and polymorphic fragments, and percentage of polymorphism as revealed by SCoT markers between the examined soybean cultivars

From: Phylogenetic relationships of some Egyptian soybean cultivars (Glycine max L.) using SCoT marker and protein pattern

Primer codeTotal of ampliconsPolymorphic ampliconsMonomorphic ampliconsPercentage of polymorphism (%)PICAllele size range (bp)
SCoT-284450%0.72265–970 bp
SCoT-496366.66%0.64280–1475 bp
SCoT-596366.66%0.74130–720 bp
SCoT-893633.33%0.41250–910 bp
SCoT-13105550%0.34230–1658 bp
SCoT-2272528.57%0.2290–675 pb
SCoT-24136746.15%0.31213–1110 bp
SCoT-2685362.5%0.46257–785 bp
SCoT-27116554.54%0.51175–1010 bp
SCoT-34114736.36%0.28125–950 bp
SCoT-36115645.45%0.3200–1250 bp