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Table 4 Effect of tryptophan and nicotinamide on chemical constituents of guar plants

From: Impacts of some biostimulants on guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) plants

Treatment (mg/l)Total Carbohydrate in the leaves (mg/g dry wt.)Soluble sugar in the leaves (mg/g dry wt.)Insoluble sugars in the leaves (mg/g dry wt.)Proline in the leaves (μmol/g dry wt.)Phenolic compounds in the leaves (mg/g dry wt.)Protein % in guar seedsTotal Carbohydrate % in guar seedsGum % in guar seedsFixed oil % in guar seeds
T 10064.8824.7740.115.650.6820.0642.4634.412.86
T 20072.4628.3944.079.690.8122.2747.6837.793.77
T 30078.5134.0044.5111.221.1823.3448.4038.614.86
NA 10063.5027.7835.725.740.6120.0940.3633.112.76
NA 20066.2130.3835.837.390.8920.6243.4936.533.49
NA 30074.6533.9440.7110.311.0422.6248.3737.894.39
LSD (5%)