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Table 1 The mean, standard deviation (SD) values, and one-way ANOVA test for comparison between bacterial counts with different treatments at different times

From: Evaluation and comparison between the bactericidal effect of diode laser irradiation (970 nm) and silver nanoparticles on Enterococcus faecalis bacterial strain (an in vitro study)

Time (s)GroupP values
40220.2 a20.715.01 a0.608. 1 b2.1< 0.001*
30206.3 a25.922.00 a0.5427.6 b3.9< 0.001*
20155.2 a27.228.04 a0.5035.5 b4.5< 0.001*
P value0.9870.1940.060 
  1. Different letters in the same row are statistically significantly different
  2. *Significant at P ≤ 0.05