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Table 1 Demographic and laboratory data of the cholestatic patients

From: Zinc status in infants and children with cholestatic liver diseases and its effect on growth

Sex (male/female)32/23
Age (years) (median (IQR), [range])2.2 (2.7), [0.5:10]
 Post-Kasai27 (49%)
 Other cholestatic diseases28 (51%)
Total serum bilirubin (mg/dl) (median (IQR), [range])1.8 (11), [0.2:31]
Direct serum bilirubin (mg/dl) (median (IQR), [range])1.4 (8.4), [0.00:21]
ALT (u/l) (median (IQR), [range])69 (77), [13:502]
AST (u/l) (median (IQR), [range])100 (174), [37:493]
ALK (u/l) (median (IQR), [range])487 (446), [104:1718]
GGT (u/l) (median (IQR), [range])112 (321), [5:775]
Serum albumin (g/dl) (mean ± SD)3.4 ± 0.9
INR (mean ± SD)1.3 ± 0.7
Hb (g/dl) (mean ± SD)10.8 ± 1.6
TLC (median (IQR), [range])7.4 (4.1), [1.9:70]
Platelet median (IQR), [range])199 (212), [42:577]
  1. IQR interquartile range, SD standard deviation, Hb hemoglobin, TLC total leucocytic count, ALT alanine transaminase, AST aspartate transaminase, ALK alkaline phosphatase, GGT gamma-glutamyl transferase, INR international normalized ratio