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Table 1 Origins of the faba bean genotypes

From: Evaluation of the genetic variability of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) genotypes using agronomic traits and molecular markers

Genotype name Pedigree Origin Remarks
L-182 Unknown Qena—18 km north Arment Landraces
L-217 Unknown Qena—30 km south Qena Landraces
L-221 Unknown Sohag—8 km north Sidfa Landraces
L-224 Unknown Assiut—Dairut Landraces
V-239 Unknown Sohag—El Bolyoul Landraces
L-245 Unknown Minya—12 km west El Minya Landraces
V-248 Unknown Qena—2 km northwest west of Naga Hammadey Landraces
L-251 Unknown Assiut—Bani Rafe Landraces
L-252 Unknown Minya—Beni Mazar Landraces
Sakha4 Sakha1 × Giza3 FCRI Variety
ALB Unknown Individual plant selection in Alegria Variety
Giza3 Giza X New Accession 29 FCRI Variety
Nubaria1 Individual plant selection from Rena Blanka FCRI Variety
Sakha1 716/724/83 X 620/ 283/85 FCRI Variety
L-253 Unknown Ismaelia—15 km west Zagazig Landraces
L-258 Unknown Zagazig—3 km west Zagazig Landraces
V-259 Unknown Elsharkya—6 km west Fagus Variety
V-180 Unknown Dakhlia—5 km west mitgammer Variety