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Table 7 Effect of interaction between cultivars andnano micronutrient fertilizerson pod physical quality and yield of snap bean plants during 2017 and 2018 seasons

From: Impact of foliar spraying of nano micronutrient fertilizers on the growth, yield, physical quality, and nutritional value of two snap bean cultivars in sandy soils

Treatments Pod length (cm) Pod diameter (cm) Fresh weight pod (g) Dry weight pod (g) Total yield (ton/feddan.)
Cultivars Nano micronutrient fertilizers 1st season 2nd season 1st season 2nd season 1st season 2nd season 1st season 2nd season 1st season 2nd season
Bronco Control 8.5g 8.2g 0.35g 0.39g 4.3g 3.2f 1.3e 1.1f 2.2f 2.6 f
Mn 9.0 f 9.1f 0.40 f 0.37f 5.1e 4.5e 1.7c 1.3e 3.8e 3.7e
Fe 9.5e 9.6e 0.51e 0.48e 5.4b 5.2d 1.9b 1.9c 4.1d 4.0d
Zn 10.1d 10.2d 0.60d 0.68d 6.2a 5.4c 2.8a 2.4a 4.5c 4.4c
Flantino Control 9.8e 10.2d 0.65d 0.62d 4.1f 3.9f 1.2e 0.9 g 4.3 c 4.1 c
Mn 11.0c 11.1c 0.79c 0.79 c 5.1d 5.4c 1.5d 1.7d 5.0 b 4.9b
Fe 11.4b 11.5b 0.82b 0.83b 5.3c 6.1b 1.7c 1.9c 5.4a 5.3a
Zn 12.1a 12.2a 0.84a 0.85a 5.7b 6.3a 1.9b 2.3b 5.4a 5.3a
  1. Values followed by the same letter(s) are not significantly different toDuncanʼs multiple range test